Women In Medellin Colombia Is Your Personal Star From The Sky

In my ring of friends I know very few intercountry marriages that actually work. The best is that the guy lives in her country and is not demanding, provides for everything and she takes care of the household. Then it works as this mutual agreement fits in the natural flow of Life. Long marriages are seldom run on the gasoline of Love, it runs on long-term agreement. Girls in Medellin like to dress up nice and they expect you also do, they will judge you based on how you look, thus please avoid wearing flip flops.

Yes you can find a small demographic of woman that will behave similiar but they are all individuals none the less. Interesting read, i want to share my thoughts about some issues. I live now in the Philippines and lived for 2 years in Peru.

Who Are Colombian Brides?

If you’re looking for a beautiful and intelligent bride, Colombia is probably your best bet. These women have some interesting qualities that aren’t matched by their American counterparts.

First, they are very beautiful and have excellent body proportions. Unlike American girls, who tend to be overly overweight, Colombian brides are in good shape. They tend to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Secondly, they are highly educated. Many of them hold high-paying jobs.

As a result, they are also very sociable. Their friends are very important to them. Often, they live with their parents until marriage. This allows them to be more responsive to their husbands and children.

Aside from being beautiful and smart, these ladies are also highly competitive. Some of them have been married before, but they are determined to find their dream man.

It’s not surprising that the country is one of the most popular destinations for foreign brides. They have great climate, an excellent education system, and an attractive culture. Also, women are very devoted to family.

The country has more than 50 million people. Most of them are women, who are responsible for the majority of household chores. In fact, the labor participation rate among women with children under the age of six is higher than that of women with no children.

Getting married is a major decision in Colombian society. That’s why you should prepare for the inevitable. Especially if you want to be able to keep your girlfriend happy.

Medellín Women: What Theyre Really Like

My buddy and I were having dinner and they were sitting at the table next to us. When they overheard us speaking English, one of the pasty ones introduced herself, and wanted to ‘Practice her English’, and then we all became fast friends and ended up sharing a table and cervesas + rum.

  • “I feel bad for you,” a variation of “I feel sorry for you” used almost exclusively by women, and guys like me mocking women when talking to them.
  • Just because sleeping with a prepago is cheap, doesn’t mean it’s what some (I’d even say most…deep down) guys are looking for.
  • Or you can do that on day 1, everyone knows if you are getting some action its easier to continue getting some.
  • I would say that women wih out money or women in general try to date up or look for guys with money .
  • The more well educated, professionally working ones are the exceptions.

By registering on one of such resources, you can make things easier for yourself. Without wasting your time and money on unclear perspectives, you can chat with a woman for a month or two before you visit her in Medellin. Firstly I lived in Bogota for 3 months.I like Colombia but certain things are overrated. Just don’t get fooled,it is now because of the internet a game all over.Dont live with her and if she bugs for money, dump her and get another.It is affine line between GF and prostitute in Latin countries.

A Blast from the Past: Playing Tejo in Medellin

Paisa girls will be impressed if you’re able to secure a short-term stay at an apartment in Poblado, as it’s the most expensive part of the city. Looking beautiful is deeply embedded in Antioquian culture.

Women In Medellin Colombia  Is Your Personal Star From The Sky

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It is my hope that she and I will get to know each other better, and should that happen, you will be definitely made aware; as we move forward with whatever processes required. With that said, I extend my appreciation for this… With each passing day, Comuna 13 behaves more like a self-regulating machine. With over 7 years of experience, I have compiled a list of 11 things not to do in Medellin.

Hi, u can not use this pictures here, I am in one of the pictures and u never met me so please don’t usa my picture to talk bad about the girls in medellin. If I go to a club this don’t say that i am the things that u say here. So just curious to know if your sister and yourself like Asian guys??? When I was in Cuba I even got mistaken as a Latino..lol.

Flower Festival Kickoff Party

Looking for the best ways and places to meet Colombian women? Make your search more worthwhile by taking note of our tips and pieces of advice.

Women In Medellin Colombia  Is Your Personal Star From The Sky
Celebrate an Epic Birthday Weekend in Medellin this Summer 2019

If your girl’s preferred plan is to dance, you can not disagree with her, at least try it. Nightlife, called “Rumba”, takes place in many locations, beginning in earnest on Thursday night, and running “hot and heavy” through Saturday night. Most of the national beauty queens and top fashion models in Colombia, come from Medellin. But you still have to put in the effort even as a foreign man, meaning you still have to take the lead to approach and be flirty with her without coming across as pushy. Even then, getting her number or a date is not guaranteed. It’s still a numbers game at the end of the day, so keep approaching women and refining your skills.


As I remember what a los angeles prostitute told me in Hollywood when I was only 11 years old…. I said damn baby you look good and she told me what looks good cost. Many men are interested in how the city stacks up for meeting and picking up girls. At local clubs and late night parties, there is always a large selection of beautiful and diverse women to see, talk to, and dance with. These women consist of a combination of local and working girls, and most are friendly and willing to socialize with strangers.

Breaking Down Medellin

If you want an area less crowded La Floresta / Laureles can be a good option for you, there are hostels and hotels less expensive and less touristy. These neighbourhoods are frequented by locals who are looking for good food and drinks. It is possible to find hostels from $5 to $12 for a shared room. But if you want to have privacy, you can find hotels in the area starting at $15.